FaceTime For Android

Free FaceTime For Android app download, Facetime for android to iphone The Easy Way!

Today we will Find out how to get facetime on android , nowadays facetime is not limited only for Iphone users as it was a couple of years ago.

At the moment we have the only app which lets you do facetime video chat without having the latest mind boggling expensive Iphone or Ipad, It’s currently in Our Beta-test and are available only for select few people, if you would want to apply for beta testing, please comment bellow to get access and I will forward you the apk download link Shortly!


Now let’s look at the best alternative apps which are just as good as original Facetime app

3. Viber

Viber first started as text-only messaging app but as it was one of the first apps in this market it soon become popular and so was improved dramatically once it gained market share. Viber is well known for just being fluid and smooth as well as really easy to use hence it’s success , after all when it was built it was specially built for mobile phone users as their target group not desktop users as the other apps.

The only negative for Viber is that it can’t do Facetime chats with IOS users hence if you need facetime for android app you can use our newly developed one.

2. Skype

Everyone must know the skype, it started out as a desktop software which also was did as a mobile phone version after smarthphones became much more popular. It has decent video and call quality, but the overall app is laggy, Heavy, uses lots of data and is just a Pain to use sometimes specially with them constantly pushing new updates on us whatever we want to or not. Why is it still number 2? Well because Everyone in world uses skype so you can reach pretty much everyone on skype network

1.Google Hangouts

If you are looking for best alternative for facetime for android versions than the first place must go to Google Hangouts, It’s smooth, fluid, and uses less data than other networks. Not only that but it’s linked to your google ID so you don’t have to spend time by creating a new account as with others, you can just open it and call your lowed ones.


We plan to publicly release our Facetime for android version at start of June 2016 , If you would like to become a beta tester and get your hands on a copy of our facetime app, just comment bellow and I will send you the link for apk download which you can install on your phone directly and call IOS users from your android device without having to own an IOS Device!